Having trouble keeping your water pristine and healthy? Looking for a system that feels amazing AND is easy to apply?

Mineraluxe is just that system.

With just one cube (5 different products condensed into this little cube) added once a week (or every other week for smaller tubs)

What does the cube do??? It’s a fusion of Natural Minerals which:
Lessens the sanitizer requirements
Cleans the surface of your hot tub to keep it squeaky clean
Loosens debris in your plumbing lines and prevents biofilm attaching
Maximizes comfort and enjoyment every single time you soak
Infused with multiple skin conditioners for a soft, silky feel and no more dry, itchy skin
Fresh Clean scent – no more strong chemical smelling skin or water

Once a week you would also use 1 packet of premeasured Oxygen (shock) which aids in breaking down and removing bather waste (sweat, exfoliated skin, dirt, oils, makeup, hair products, lotions etc) to make it filterable and keep your water pristine.

Beyond this you simply need to ensure your sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) is at the proper level to ensure bacteria is not allowed to grow.

Doesn’t this sound easy? It is….. Mineraluxe is mineral based and feels AMAZING! It is very easy to apply as all the measuring is done. Simply add once a week and voila you are done. Give us a call 613-653-2255 or drop in to see us. We are happy to water test and get your started on Mineraluxe. www.knappspools.ca