Hot Tub Covers

The RhinoHyde spa cover is made to last. High end raw materials are used to ensure that the RhinoHyde can withstand the natural elements. Created with quality workmanship RhinoHyde spa covers ensures that it can withstand the rigors of every day use.
  • North American made.
  • Great fit.
  • Year round protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Custom to fit all shapes.
  • Vapor resistant barrier.
  • Best in the industry.

Limited 3 Year Warranty

1st Year – 100% coverage
2nd year – 50% discount of replacement
3nd Year – 25% discount of replacement

HPI will repair or replace Rhino Hyde Covers with warranty related defects at our discretion. Freight must be arranged and handled by purchaser.

HPI Limited Warranty Covers:

  • Seams and stitching
  • Unnatural material degradation
  • Faulty workmanship

HPI Limited Warranty DOES NOT Cover:

  • Freight Considerations
  • Handles tearing away from cover
  • Wear marks (scuffing) from dragging cover
  • Natural fading of vinyl
  • Foam either cracking or breaking
Hot Tub Covers typically come in a 4/3 taper however you can modify this measurement to suit your needs. 5/4 or 6/4 would be an upgrade to our standard pricing. Below you can also upgrade your vapour barrier, seal and skirting.
Old Cover
New Cover

Spa Cover Upgrade Program

Available on all thickness of cover. Simply choose the taper-then choose the upgrade package

Good/Standard Cover

  • 2mil vapour barrier
  • Rubber evaporation center seal
  • 2 end sealing pads

Better Cover - $90 Upgrade

  • 4mil vapour barrier
  • Overlap skirt at center
  • Full foam center seal

Best Cover - $125 Upgrade

  • 6mil vapour barrier
  • Overlap skirt at center
  • Full foam center seal
  • Triple stitched, webbing reinforced locking straps
Overlap skirt – At each end of the center seam, the skirts overlaps to help seal the edges and retain heat.

Full foam center seal – A foam cushion, sewn into vinyl, is sewn into the center seam to help seal the fold and retain heat.

Webbing reinforced straps – A strip of webbing is sewn into the locking straps for grater strength, The straps are then triple stitched into the cover

2lb foam density upgrade available. Can also upgrade to a full flap over the centre seam.

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