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Spa Marvel

As Chemical Free as
Your Spa Can Be.
Spa Marvel is an all natural hot tub treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water care.

The enzymes contained in Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner are derived from plant extracts.

Unlike chlorine, which sanitizes and essentially kills bacteria, the enzymes in Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner help to remove the food (organic matter) necessary for bacteria to live, which is in part how lakes and aquariums can maintain themselves without using chlorine. Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner clears the path for chlorine allowing it to work much more efficiently. In other words, it will take a LOT less chlorine or bromine to maintain desired levels with Spa Marvel in your spa than without.

Spa Marvel is a spa solution that reduces and eliminates many of the harsh chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.

Spa Marvel also conditions water for sensitive skin, leaving it feeling silky and soft; people with skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis often find that their condition improves simply by using Spa Marvel as part of their spa water treatment regimen.

Water Treatment and Conditioner:

No more scum lines.
No more chemical hassles.
No more hot tub rash.
Gentle to skin and hair.
Conditions water for sensitive skin.

People with eczema and psoriasis love using Spa Marvel as this hot tub water treatment actually improves their condition rather than irritate and dry their skin the way chemicals can.

Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity.

Prevents scale buildup from occurring and descales deep-seated buildup that can accumulate over time from regular use, especially in hard-water areas, resulting in stronger jets, quieter pumps, more efficient heaters, and overall greater longevity of your equipment.

Eliminates foam in a few hours without the use of defoaming agents. Water so soft & odourless you won´t feel the need to shower after using your spa & hot tub.

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner:

Clean filters are pivotal to successful spa-water care. Use of a hot tub filter cleaner such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is required.

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is a powerful hot tub filter cleaner that doesn’t utilize harsh acids or bleach, and removes and loosens oil, hair, dirt and grime that becomes lodged in the fabric of cartridge filters. One bottle of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner provides 8 filter cleanings.

At a fraction of the cost of other filter cleaning products on the market, Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is the best and most economical filter cleaning agent available.

Spa Marvel Cleanser:

Spa Marvel Cleanser is a fast-acting proprietary hot tub plumbing cleaner that penetrates deep inside of your spa’s plumbing and equipment, removing biofilm, organic, mineral and chemical contaminants thereby prolonging the life of your spa and hot tub equipment. In brand new spas, Spa Marvel Cleanser removes residues left over from the manufacturing process including waxes, oils, and resins. It is the perfect spa & hot tub pipe cleaner to use before using Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner.

If you do not use the Spa Marvel Cleanser the natural descalers contained in the Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner will clean out residue from the manufacturing process and accumulation from past use. This may cause water quality issues.

X10 Water Filter

The X10 Water Filter will eliminate many water quality problems in a hot tub.

The tap water, well water, and lake water used to fill a hot tub is probably not as pure as you think. Impurities such as copper, calcium, sodium, iron, mercury, and other heavy metals can be harmful to bathers, can harm your spa parts and make it harder to balance your hot tub water. These deposits can seriously harm your heater element, jets, pump and spa shell. These deposits will also make it difficult to balance your spa water and can impair water quality.

The X10 Water Filter is a spa pre-filter (hose filter for the hot tub) which can reduce and eliminate rust, organic debris, turbidity, bad taste, chlorine, sulphur, odours, aluminum, iron, mercury, and other heavy metals.

Hot tub chemicals such as clarifiers, coagulants, flocculants and stain and scale chemicals will reduce these impurities, but will not eliminate them. A spa pre-filter such as The X10 Filter will drastically reduce (or eliminate) the need for these chemicals, making your spa experience healthier and more enjoyable.

We highly recommend the X10 Water Filter for those wanting to reduce the amount of chemicals used in hot tub water maintenance.
It is especially beneficial to use filtered water if you are using a bromine or chlorine salt water generator. Bromine and chlorine generators will not work properly if your spa water contains too many impurities.

Instructions: Attach the spa pre-filter to your garden hose and run the water through the filter for 30 seconds before filling your spa. Replace when the spa pre-filter is full and flow becomes restricted. The X10 Water Filter is guaranteed to filter a minimum of 10,000 US gallons (37,854 liters) of water.

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