Filter Cartridge Cleaning and Maintenance

How can I tell when a Filter Cartridge needs to be replaced? Filters cartridges do not have a defined time when they expire

In a typical hot tub, Comparisonthe most common items that plug the fibers of your filter are perspiration and body oils combined with soaps, chemicals and very fine particulate. In a swimming pool, the load is primarily debris along with suntan lotions and organic matter such as algae.

Below are some factors in determining when the filter cartridge needs replacing:

  • Shorter cycle time between cleanings where you notice your water getting cloudy more often
  • Low water flow rate. Dirty filters can have an effect on the ability of the hot tub to heat the water.
  • A tear in the fiber paper or the outer band

All three are dependent upon hot tub water chemistry and having a regular cycle of cleaning the filter
How do I maximize the life of a filter?

  • Clean the filter per manufacturer’s instructions with our Dazzle Filter Cleanse product
  • Keep your hot tub water in balance
  • Never use a pressure washer as it can tear the fiber paper
  • Rotate your filters so that they can completely dry between usage

For hot tubs establish a regular routine of filter cleaning.  I recommend you rinse the cartridge monthly although the manufacturer will state for best results clean your filter weekly.  We have a product called Dazzle Filter Cleanse which I would use to clean the oils etc out of the filter on every fresh fill.  For  pools, clean the cartridge when filter canister pressure reaches 8-10 PSI above the set point meaning the marker of the pressure gauge once the filters have been cleaned and the system put back together.  Every gauge is slightly different therefore it’s necessary to check your gauge to get a benchmark.