Just returned from the annual Dazzle Conference.  The folks at Dazzle are generous, smart, kind and make incredibly good quality products for Pools and Hot Tubs.  With them,  it’s not solely about making money.  It’s about making lives flourish.  They understand that giving and giving back is important.  That it’s about mental wellness, business wellness, client wellness etc.  If they benefit, we benefit, you benefit and we all have better pools/hot tubs and healthier water!

Dazzle also gives back with the ‘Share the Gift of Water’ program a portion of all product sales goes to help educate woman in Africa to teach them how to capture water and filter it to make their water healthier.  This is truly a wonderful program.  

I know for you, the consumer, you want your water trouble free.  The giving back is secondary.  This is something that I can assure you of if you follow my program.  Preventative maintenance is necessary for long term benefit.  Yes, we ask that you follow our system.  Let me ask you this….”if you were to purchase a new car and NEVER did an oil change or brakes, how well do you think it will perform’?  It’s the same with pools and hot tubs, you need to add more than bromine/chlorine or more than simply shocking the water to make it feel and perform.  Think about the damage that scale does to your home, your tea kettle etc. If you don’t manage your water by balancing, shocking, and keeping bacteria at bay then you will pay one day….it’s just a matter of when.