Below please find a few pictures of a new hot tub cover replacement.  It amazes me sometimes the shape of the old covers and how ineffective they are.  During the coldest months of winter you want to be assured your cover is effective at keeping the heat in, otherwise you are going to be giving Ontario Hydro lots of money to maintain your hot tub temperature.  Why not give it to yourself and invest in a new cover.

Old CoverOld Cover1New Cover New Cover1

The cover seam above was obviously compromised and boy oh boy was this cover water logged and HEAVY!  Our client ordered this cover in a 5/4 taper (giving you extra insulation) as well as the’ best’ option.  Look at the difference in the center seam.  See how open it is on the brown cover.  Now look at the new cover, there is a flap that covers the gap area.  This cover also has 6 mil vapour barrier, extra support in the center fold (due to the cover lifter style) as well as triple stitching in the handles etc where the covers gets the most wear.  The bonus is that this cover is very effective at insulating thereby keeping the hydro costs down, is very light now and easy to lift and also blends so much better with the landscape.

Covers also need to be cleaned inside and out and will last much longer if you maintain them properly.  Our Dazzle Cover Cleanse product works amazing and is so easy to apply and won’t contribute to adding any additional chemical/cloudiness/suds or foaming  to the hot tub water.

Give us a call or email today.  We would be pleased to provide a quote.  Plus we will help you measure to guarantee the best possible fit AND we also provide delivery.